Merry Autumn

Born and raised in the same smalltown, Francesco and Federico met in August 2008, at Los Angeles International Airport.

Federico had just nished his studies in Marketing / Fashion, and, located on the american West Coast, was about to launch its new brand of t-shirts, carrying with him some one hundred and fty T-shirts, the work of three weeks and the starting point of his rst collection.

Francesco, that was in California looking for sounds for his new disc, had to buy one extra bag to stuff all the records he had bought.

The airline company stuck to the “ just 1 bag policy ” and the t-shirts and 45’s never left the airport. On the return trip the two played down the incident recalling old times, when Francesco went: “ What about a bag that changes size when it’s needed? ”

September 23, 2008 that bag, the 2.0, saw the light along with the Merry Autumn idea.

In the months that followed, riding the creativity and the desire to surprise, the two came with two other products for the collection: the Doublette, a clutch double-face made of leather and rubber and the Slim Wallet, the one and only small wallet that can contain notes, coins and cards. From a real market demand and a newfound friendship comes a high quality product, the result of a design research, a careful choice of materials and an obsessive attention to detail.

An evolving project, born while ying 10,000 feet high, which aims to building at all times something different, deeper, unbreakable, and most of all without losing its identity: 

Simply Different